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We recognize the importance of familiarizing yourself with the team caring for your children. Please click below to discover additional details about Maryeve Boyd along with her contact information.

Maryeve Boyd

Kids Pastor


As caretakers of the youngest generation, we prioritize the utmost safety and security for each child entrusted to our nursery. At our nursery, all our staff members undergo thorough background checks, and we meticulously enforce a nametagging system to ensure that only approved individuals may accompany your child. Through our unwavering commitment to both nurturing spiritual growth and safeguarding every child, we aim to lay a foundation of integrity and faith, empowering them to thrive and positively impact their world as they grow.


We are here to answer your questions. If you have any concerns or questions about JF Nursery or our services, call the church offices at (601) 922-0500 or contact our Kids Pastor below.


JF Nursery offers a safe place where children from 6 weeks to 2 years old can be watched by caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment conducive to the child's physical, social, and spiritual development. When you are confident in leaving your child in the care of our volunteers, then you are able to worship with a sense of security.

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