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Our Vision

Jesus emphasized that our belonging to Him is evident through our love for one another, as highlighted in Scripture's numerous 'one another' verses. Recognizing the importance of community, where life thrives, our method involves active participation in Community Groups, fostering relationships rooted in love and support. Through these groups, we embody Christ's commandment and create spaces where authentic fellowship flourishes.

Live Community

We heed the call to serve the lost, spread the gospel, and extend invitations to those seeking solace in Jesus. Our mission is anchored in the Great Commission and the commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through community service, evangelism, and welcoming outreach, we actively engage in fulfilling this divine mandate.

Make a Difference

At the core of our approach lies a deep commitment to living out our faith in every aspect of our lives, guided by the teachings of Jesus. Scripture instructs us to love the Lord with all our hearts, and we embody this command through our involvement in Sunday Services, First Wednesday gatherings, and personal devotion to prayer and scripture. Our mission revolves around keeping Jesus not just first, but as the central focus of all our endeavors.

Encounter Jesus

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