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JF Kids

Build. Create. Discover.

JF Kids is a place where children from 3 years old through 6th grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God's Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. JF Kids incorporates both adult and student leaders who are committed to teaching and ministering to children. You can be confident that your child is well-cared for and is having a great time learning about God while you worship.


Ages 3 & 4

In our Preschool class, every day is a journey of discovery through faith and learning. Surrounded by love and guided by biblical principles, the children explore the wonders of creation, nurturing their young hearts and minds. Together, we build a foundation rooted in kindness, compassion, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.


4 Years - 1st Grade

In our vibrant kindergarten classroom, creativity flourishes as we dive into a world of crafts, engaging videos, and age-appropriate activities. From colorful art projects to interactive sensory bins, every corner invites hands-on exploration and discovery. With each day brimming with excitement and wonder, we cultivate a love for learning that sparks joy and ignites young minds.

JF Kids

1st - 6th Grade

In our dynamic upper elementary class, the spirit of learning comes alive through a captivating blend of fun games, energetic dances, and uplifting live worship. Interactive teaching sessions spark curiosity and engagement, while lively skits, dramas, and puppet shows bring lessons to life. With a treasure trove of fun videos to complement our curriculum, every moment is an opportunity for discovery, growth, and joyous connection with both each other and our faith.

We recognize the importance of familiarizing yourself with the team caring for your children. Please click below to discover additional details about Maryeve Boyd along with her contact information.

Maryeve Boyd

Kids Pastor

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